Spanish Endorsements

Jim Toma, Vicar – Redeemer Lutheran Church, Stanton, California:  I would urge anybody who is in Hispanic ministry or preparing to be in Hispanic ministry to consider attending the Partners in Latino Ministry Conference (PALMCON). It is a great venue to share your experience and knowledge and to learn from others in the field. I attended the 2013 PALMCON and was greatly impressed with the practical information that was presented and the opportunity to discuss strategies employed around the country. Seldom if ever have I attended a better organized or more useful conference. I left with a greater understanding of the Hispanic ministry context and strategies that I could immediately use to launch my own ministry. May God continue to use you to advance His kingdom!

Aaron Putnam, Pastor – Haywood, California: Finally! We were able to learn, share, and interact about not just 1st generation Hispanic ministry, but also 1.5, 2nd, 3rd generation Hispanic ministry! Thanks! Very helpful.

Luz Guerrero, Deaconess – St. Paul, Minnesota: I have been deeply blessed by this conference. Preparations, topics, organization, attentions, food, in other words, everything I’ve received these 3 days show how much you love and care for the Church of Christ.

Michael Mueller, Pastor – Cottonwood, Arizona: For everyone whose heart aches for the lost among us, the PALMCON conference is the best I’ve seen for leading an effective Hispanic ministry for all generations.

Ligia Morales, Deaconess – Orlando, Florida: I really liked the presentations. You brought in great keynote presenters. The talks have been extremely interesting, edifying, and challenging… I like that we have had time to discuss together, to share ideas and part of the ministry that we are developing.

Hector Hoppe, Pastor – Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Missouri: PALMCON gave me a tremendous opportunity to open my horizons. I have better tools to do my ministry.

Steve Deombeleg Álvarez, Pastor – Palatine, Illinois: I highly recommend PALMCON as a place to come to learn, grow, and be encouraged in ministry. The presenters were excellent and the interaction and discussions were equally good. I could have used a conference like this years ago. If you are involved in Hispanic ministry I would encourage you to come so that you too can learn, grow, and be strengthened to do the Lord’s work.

Anonymous: I was not expecting what I received in terms of a dynamic, energetic learning environment. The presenters were outstanding, sharing personal experiences and those of others in attempting Hispanic ministry among 1st generation and 2nd/3rd generation Hispanics (Latinos). Questions to answer at tables, based on each presenter’s input, resulted in interactive dialog. Networking with peers in Hispanic Ministry was abundant. Devotional moments inspiring, and making new acquaintances and renewing older relationships uplifting. Let’s do it again in 2014!