PalmCon II was held October 19-21, 2016 in El Paso, Texas. PalmCon III has not yet been scheduled.

Resources from PalmCon II are now being posted to the website. Click Here to view these items. Resources from PalmCom I in 2013 are also available on the website.

Hispanic Ministry in the U.S. is both a challenging and a rewarding job. It can also be a lonely job! Often it seems that resources, counsel, or even sympathetic shoulders to lean on, are hard to find. You have been there, I know, wondering “who can I talk to?” or “where can I go to find what I need?” or “who can I pray with?” At the Lutheran Hispanic Missionary Institute (LHMI), we have been wrestling with many of the same issues … and we want to do something to help.

We are hosting a conference to facilitate sharing and to establish a network of partners in Hispanic ministry, partners who can link hands to serve these needs and each other. This conference is called PALMCON – the “Partners in Latino Ministries Conference.”

This is the second, one-of-a-kind conference, that seeks to bring together a spectrum of Hispanic ministry workers, from the veterans to the neophytes, from those who are “fully engaged” to those who are “just thinking about it,” for the purposes of sharing, learning, and praying together. The conference is an interactive event where speakers, panelists, and attendees have an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and yes, worship together.

The first conference was held on October 23-25, 2013 in El Paso, Texas. This site contains news and information from that event. You will also begin to find information about the upcoming PalmCon, October 19-21, 2016, again in El Paso, Texas, here as well. Thanks